Tickets are on sale now for WHOREHOUSE and MAD GIRL - two original works presented in the same evening. Act I is WHOREHOUSE, written by Hannah Sgambellone and featuring choreography by Rachael Petranek. In this dance-drama, a volatile dancer finds herself trapped in an artists commune known as The Family, a once-thriving collaboration that has since disintegrated into a dangerous cult. When a young journalist breaks in to investigate, the dancer known only as Daughter is forced to reconcile love, loyalty, and artistry before Father comes home. MAD GIRL is an original plot in the world of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Following the death of Denmark's king, Ophelia is caught in a web of relationships and emotions between her complicated friendship with Hamlet and allegiance to her overbearing father. As Hamlet's search for his father's killer and the kingdom's obsession with him build, she looks to escape others manipulations of her and the events happening without her.

Casts are to be announced.

Performances are May 24th-26th, location to be announced. Both works are directed by Hannah Sgambellone and Henry Eden and are produced by Aaron Krick.

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